Texas Hold’em- A refresher for returning champion and quick guide for the beginner. Take a moment and read about this game. It is a fabulous game of chance and strategy. Teenagers find this game more interesting and electrifying. They are crazy about Texas hold’em which is one of the great variation of poker game. In this game players are dealt with three hole cards and discards one after betting round. It is generally played between 2 or 10 players. They can play online with their friends and family also.

Players who are interested in maths and probability must play this game they should try some poker odds calculations. There are no universal set of rules just check out our beginner’s intro and start the game. Build the best five card hand out of your cards. It is known to be one of the most positional of all poker variants. Order of betting is fixed throughout all the betting rounds. The main objective of this game is to win pots where pot is the sum of money bet by players in a hand. This can be won by placing the best five card poker hand. Find your favourite game and start playing it.